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Potential Impact from Telemedicine Fraud Case Much Less than Media Reports Stated

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Group Benefits Named as a 2017 MBJ Pacesetters Honoree

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Group Benefits Now a Part of Alera Group

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Group Benefits Merges Practice with Alera Group

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Group Benefits Merges Practice with Leading National Broker

Group Benefits Merges Practice with Alera Group, July 10, 2017
Local Firm Poised for Continued Growth Over Next Decade

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What the Current Healthcare Proposal Could Mean for Employers

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House Cancels Vote on Republican ACA Replacement Plan

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Tim Finnell: The Face of Employee Benefits

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More About Repeal and Replace

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What Humana Leaving ACA Exchanges Means for Memphis

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Cost Containment Strategies for Employers

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Fate of ACA Just One of Many Changes Coming to Benefits Plans

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Outlook on Post-Election Healthcare Changes

Memphis Business Journal, September 27, 2016
BlueCross BlueShield Withdraws from Marketplace in Tennessee

The Memphis News, September 2, 2016
Tennessee Exchange Insurance Rates Soar Higher 

The Daily News, August 31, 2016
Tennessee Exchange Insurance Rates Soar Higher

The Commercial Appeal, August 28, 2016
Spiking Health Insurance Costs

Memphis Business Journal, August 3, 2016
Group Benefits Named a Finalist for MBJ Pacesetters

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Hallie Hastings Named Benefits Technology Manager

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This Year, We'll All Feel the Effects of ACA

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Tim Finnell: Employee Benefits Power Player

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Tim Finnell: The Face of Employee Benefits

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The Effects of Potential Healthcare Mergers

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A Conversation With: Tim Finnell of Group Benefits LLC

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Greater Memphis Employers Deal with Health Insurance Mandates

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Group Benefits Team Celebrates Holidays

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PACE Act Brings Attention to Insurance Policy Fixes
Memphis Business Journal, October 8, 2015
U.S. to Keep Small Businesses 'Small'
Memphis Business Journal, August 20, 2015
Group Benefits LLC 2015 Pacesetter
Daily News,  August 5, 2015
Urge to Merge: Memphis Pros Respond to Announcement
Daily News, July 29, 2015
Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Means Changes for Benefits
Memphis Business Journal, June 25, 2015 
Supreme Court Ruling - King v. Burwell and Compliance
Daily News, June 25, 2015
Supreme Court Upholds Nationwide Healthcare Law Subsidies
Memphis Business Journal, May 22, 2015
Pat Jameson, Compliance Director at Group Benefits LLC, is On The Move 
Daily News, May 6, 2015
Pair of Employee Benefits Firms Merge
Memphis Business Journal, April 3, 2015
Group Benefits LLC, People on the Move 
The Memphis News, March 27, 2015
Group Benefits Helps Clients Navigate Tricky Health Care Reform
Daily News, May 1, 2014
Employers Get Affordable Care Act Rundown

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Brokers Capitalize on Health Marketplace Problems 

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Rosenberg: Businesses have obligations now under ACA

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BlueCross BlueShield unveils health insurance rates in Memphis, statewide

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The latest victim of Obamacare delays: small business owners

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3 Things Small Businesses Must Do for Health Care

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Coopwood Lays Out Future of Health Care

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ACA Sparks Renewed Interest in CDHPs; FedEx Shifts to Account-Based Plans

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Health-Law Penalty Delay Clouds Individual Mandate

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Delay in Obamacare – what you need to know

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Delay in health care law’s mandate for employers stirs questions

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Obama Administration Delays Health Insurance Mandate for Large Employers Until 2015, July 6, 2013
Healthcare Reform: Self-Funding Pros and Cons

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Detroit Manager Proposes Moving Retirees Off City’s Health Care

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Attorneys Busy with Nuances of US Health Care Reform

Memphis Daily News and Tennessee News, June 25, 2013
Report: Delays Possible for Tennessee’s Uninsured

Memphis Business Journal, May 17, 2013
Finnell guides Group Benefits to historic growth

The Daily News, February 21, 2010
Tim Finnell starts new benefits firm after 29 years at Executive Financial Services