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The faster you can adapt to change, the greater your ability to maximize the opportunities that come your way. But if you're bogged down by complex and inefficient benefits administration responsibilities, you may never get ahead of the curve.

Group Benefits LLC provides the most sophisticated tools and technology resources to keep you running at the speed business demands. With decision, implementation and ongoing support capabilities that include employee communication and enrollment, employee advocacy, compliance and regulatory support, we act as an extension of your HR department — giving you everything you need to administer comprehensive benefits efficiently and effectively.

Slow and steady wins the race? Not in the world of business. Let us provide you with the greater decision and execution support resources you need, so you and your employees can get back to business.


Available Resources

ACA/IRS Reporting for Section 6055/6056

Benefits Administration System Solutions

HR 360

We have partnered with hr360 to deliver a state-of-the-art Human Resources library.  This website is managed by a professional team of attorneys, HR specialists and editors who have years of experience in developing and maintaining award-winning online HR and benefits content, guidelines and forms. 

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Compliance and Regulatory Support

Dedicated compliance team with industry attorneys, and preferred access to service vendors and resources for COBRA, ERISA, HIPAA, etc.

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Enrollment and Communications

Self-service online enrollment, integrated employee information management, payroll administration, carrier/vendor electronic data interfaces, total compensation statements, and interactive employee decision-making tools.

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Employee Advocacy

Employee medical advocacy services, which help employees and their families navigate the increasingly complex health care and insurance markets. These services do not replace health insurance; rather, they provide assistance with clinical and administrative issues involving their health care needs.

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Analysis Tools

Benchmark reporting, employee surveys, claims analytics, and network cost and quality analysis tools.

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Industry Information

Information resources including newsletters, annual corporate benefits brief, industry white papers and legislative updates to keep you current.

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