Analysis Tools

You have business objectives you need to meet — specifically around cost containment and employee recruitment and retention.

With leading-edge thinking and decision support tools — such as customized benchmark reports, medical claims analytics and more — we can help you create and implement strategic benefits solutions that are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. These tools help you make the appropriate benefit investment decisions for your company — decisions that will be beneficial for your business and its employees today, tomorrow and beyond.

Our range of analysis tools deliver the hard data you need to monitor the ongoing health and well-being of your benefits plan, evaluate their effectiveness, and solidify the confidence your employees place in you.

Available Analysis Tools:

Benchmark Reporting

The benchmarking tool uncovers the prevalence of various benefits practices, cost-sharing arrangements, eligibility requirements, and plan provisions, while also quantifying the value of those plan provisions. Successful benchmarking enables a company to understand its competitive position compared to standard peer groups and identify the areas where they can make improvements to their benefits package.

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Employee Surveys

The employee benefits survey is designed to capture employees' attitudes, perceptions, and understanding of a company's benefits package. You can choose to use stock templates and questions or fully customize the survey with questions specific to your employee group. The results are formulated in full color charts and tables that give you quantitative data about your employees and their perceptions about the benefits that you provide them.

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Claims Analytics

Our medical claims analytics program allows you to rapidly integrate eligibility information, medical claims, pharmacy claims, health risk assessment results, and case management data to help you identify high-risk individuals, reveal case management or disease management opportunities, measure ROI of wellness and disease management activities, improve plan and benefit design, and develop a long-term health care strategy to address the needs of the total employee population.

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Network Analytics

Health care quality transparency continues to emerge as an important element in strategically managing health care cost increases. We are able to meet the changing demands of the health care selection and plan design process by providing a comprehensive software solution that allows us to analyze carrier networks using both access and quality information, allowing us to help you make informed decisions about provider cost, quality and access; compare networks on an apples-to-apples basis; and identify gaps in your network.

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