Benefits Administration and Communication Systems

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What is a benefits administration and communication system?

  • A benefits administration system is an online platform used for establishing, maintaining and managing benefits for the employees of an organization.  
  • This is a helpful tool for human resources professionals from an administration standpoint, as it serves as an electronic “tracking” system.  
  • In addition, it is helpful to employees as it keeps them informed and involved in the use and understanding of their benefits.
How do I know if my organization is ready for a benefits administration system?  
  • If your organization has a dedicated Human Resources professional that you would like freed up to focus on more strategic matters versus paperwork, then a benefits administration system could be a good solution.
  • If your organization has someone handling benefits, but also wearing multiple hats, a benefits administration system can save valuable time.
  • In addition, a benefits administration system creates a more streamlined process for organizing employee enrollments and the many changes that occur throughout the year.  
  • If you or your team members are buried with questions from employees about their benefits and providing explanations about those benefits, you may be ready for the efficiencies a benefits administration system provides.
What are the key advantages of a benefits administration system?
  • One key benefit is the ability to gain and maintain compliance with benefits laws.
  • A benefits administration system creates, tracks and maintains an enrollment profile for every employee.  
  • It also streamlines the onboarding process so that there is a record of employee benefits offerings and selections.  
  • Through the information provided by this system, employees are able to make more informed decisions regarding their benefits.  
  • In addition, a benefits administration system provides the necessary employer information for ACA reporting requirements and can function with other systems to create more streamlined HR/payroll process.  
  • It reduces errors, time, and hassle for the employer and employee alike.
How can I find the right benefits administration solution for my organization?  
  • Needs are different for each individual organization, and one size does not fit all.  Work with a professional, experienced advisor to determine the best fit for your specific organization.  
  • Group Benefits has installed and maintained systems for more than a decade, and can help find the right solution for your organization’s benefits administration system needs.
  • We have a Benefits Communication Systems Manager to spearhead the implementation and maintenance of any platform.