Compliance & Regulatory Resources

Federal law does not require an employer to provide benefits to employees. However, if an employer chooses to offer employee benefits, it must comply with many legal requirements. Benefits compliance can often be challenging as the requirements are complex and ever changing. These resources will help you understand what legal requirements apply to your company's benefit plans and what you need to do to be in compliance.

Compliance Checklist

We have created an extensive Compliance Checklist regarding federal requirements for group health and retirement plans. The checklist identifies and explains over 30 specific requirements, the various due dates for those requirements, and penalties for non-compliance. To review the entire Checklist, please contact us so that we may work with you to develop a compliance strategy.

Benefit Acronyms

The benefits industry is centered around acronyms such as COBRA, USERRA, HIPAA, HRA, FSA, etc.  This listing identifies over 60 commonly used benefit acronyms.