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Now more than ever, healthcare is at the forefront of people's minds. It is often the leading story on the news, with both the President and Congress releasing their various ideas for solutions. Employers are constantly struggling with how to provide affordable health benefits to their employees, while employees struggle to keep up with their share of the cost of healthcare for themself and their families. This struggle has only become even more difficult with recent global economic pressures. During these times, it is more important than ever to partner with a benefits advisor who understands the macro issues in the healthcare industry while also taking time to understand the specific issues that you and your employees are facing.

We provide employers with long-term value by delivering the best health coverage at the best rates possible. From traditional employer-sponsored insurance plans and consumer-directed health plans to voluntary benefit solutions such as limited benefit medical programs, we have the ability to actively engage your employees in cost control through education and empowerment.

Our products and services include:

  • Consumer Directed Health Care (HSA, HRA, FSA)
  • Self-funded Plans
  • Traditional solutions, including HMO, PPO, POS
  • Health Plan Modeling Tools
  • Individual Medical
  • Limited Benefit Medical Plans
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Retiree Medical